Founded by Kay, Vixen & Fox is a luxury lingerie brand based in Australia.

Vixen & Fox stands as Kay's resilient response to a challenging life experience that temporarily stole her freedom. It was through the adversity that she found the courage to reclaim her narrative and build a purpose-led brand dedicated to empowering women.

Her vision is rooted in the belief that lingerie is not just a garment; it's a tool for transformation, an homage to self-expression, and a symbol of liberation.

Celebrate your sexuality and liberate yourself with Vixen & Fox.

/ KAY.

Our lingerie is more than just beautiful fabrics – everytime you wear our pieces, it's a personal invitation to reconnect with your sexuality and express yourself with confidence - both in and outside the bedroom.

I know first hand what it means to lose touch with that sensual feminine energy we all have as women, that is why Vixen & Fox was born - so I could liberate myself from all that wasn't me and encourage other women to do the same.

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