Consciously Crafted. Luxurious. Fearlessly Feminine.

Vixen & Fox emerged from the golden shores of Australia. Our journey began with a desire to create more than just beautiful lingerie. We set out to create a platform for storytelling, awareness, education, support, recovery, and empowerment.

Founded by Kay Lang, a survivor and visionary, our brand's uniqueness lies in its advocacy for women's freedom while redefining luxury lingerie. We took the road less travelled, maintaining integrity throughout the long process of crafting what we have today. We create luxurious lingerie pieces to cherish as an extension of yourself and symbols of strength and resilience.

Vixen & Fox is more than a lingerie brand. It’s a community devoted to uplifting our fellow women; a space to share stories and support each other through awareness, education, empowerment and connection.

We are committed to giving back to our community by providing our resources and time to organisations that assist women in recovering from trauma.

/ KAY.

I believe women deserve beautiful, functional, consciously crafted lingerie that helps them express their true self - this is how Vixen & Fox came to be. But from day one, it was a non-negotiable, Vixen & Fox would be a brand that also gives back. Money is important, but it will only fulfill you so much. This business is bringing out all my insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s helping me define my purpose more every day. It’s a scary ride, but a beautiful one too. Thank you for joining us on this journey, for being part of this powerful community, and for helping us make a difference.


Unapologetically curious is her restless spirit. She doesn’t do ‘small talk’, preferring full-bodied, rich moments. The heroine of her story, the curator of her legacy. Open eyes, open heart, open mind, moving through this life with fearlessly feminine conviction.