A new name in the lingerie game...

Out of our one-bedroom apartment in Sydney, the vision of Vixen & Fox has slowly been coming to life. Over the past few years, there has been trial and error in all aspects of our brand to bring you what you see today. Creating a brand that is original and pays close attention to detail, in all areas, is no easy feat but what we are able to offer you today has made it all worth it.

The vision of Vixen & Fox came about when we noticed it was difficult to find lingerie that offered a modern yet classic style, was well crafted and spoke to women. This set us on the path of creating a truly original lingerie brand that challenges the status quo and had women in mind first.

Our passion will always be to bring you aesthetically conscious, ethically made lingerie that does not contribute to the growing trends of fast fashion but rather carves out a new path promoting originality and self expression.

Kay & Ale