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My journey to create this brand was not a simple one; it was a path of healing and rediscovery. The vision for Vixen & Fox and this very feminine product came at a time when I didn’t feel like I had a lot of feminine in me.

Building My Life

Born and raised in Sydney, I attended a private girls’ school before joining the workforce at an early age. My professional journey pivoted when I joined the Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group. There, under the inspiring leadership of Bradley Michael, I found my entrepreneurial spirit and quickly climbed the ranks. By 20, I'd bought my first apartment and a new car. My career in hospitality spanned over a decade, participating in the launch of around ten restaurants across multiple brands. This phase was transformative, teaching me the importance of structure and efficiency—skills I didn't realise would serve me later in life. I relocated to Queensland to open a new restaurant however this never eventuated, prompting me to reassess my life's direction. I decided to pursue a business degree at Bond University, and also started training to become a telephone counsellor at Lifeline as I wanted to give back.

Life took an unexpected turn

It was during this period that I met a charismatic man from New York with ambitious plans to open Latin Caribbean restaurants. Our connection quickly evolved from business discussions to romance, but unsettling red flags began to appear. When I attempted to end the relationship, he revealed his true identity— a violent criminal and international fugitive. He threatened the lives of my family members and blackmailed me into working as an escort, placing me in a soul-destroying situation that went against every fibre of my being.

Over months, he forced me to travel with him to Miami, Texas and Dubai, until I needed to return to Sydney to renew my visa. My concerned family contacted authorities, resulting in a travel ban that kept me from leaving Australia. I was questioned by law enforcement, finally revealing the truth about this man.

I assisted US District Attorneys in building their case against him, becoming their star witness. Before leaving Miami initially, I had taken his hard drive, filled with incriminating evidence that contributed to his eventual 40-charge indictment. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison —ironically, the same age I was when this chapter closed.


Following this traumatic experience, I needed a way to heal and find my voice again. I chose luxurious lingerie as a way to reconnect with my sexuality in a positive way, liberate myself from all that wasn't me and encourage other women to do the same.

Kay x