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Meet Clinical Nutritionist and Studio Pilates Instructor


Who is Karen? 

I’m a Clinical Nutritionist (almost) and Studio Pilates Instructor. I graduate from a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional  and Dietetic Medicine in 2024 after 4.5 years of study so I’m pretty excited to put that into practice. I also have a  Bachelor of Design and have worked in design and advertising agencies for almost 20 years. I have a Pilates home  studio and have a play on my equipment most days. I’m the mum of Saskia and Sebastian and have been married  for 25 years. We also just got a big German Shepherd who we are all obsessed with called Skye. 

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given...

I’ve obviously been given lots of great advice but this question makes me think of the advice I haven’t taken. One  such time is when my mum stood up at my 33rd birthday party – who I’ve never seen public speak before and said  how proud of me she was. It wasn’t your typical I’m proud of you speech. She basically said you haven‘t taken  any of my advice and I’m glad you didn‘t. My mum has always had the best intentions for me and been my closest  confidante but we have always had different aspirations.  

I remember when I was studying design, she would come in to see what was on my computer screen. She would  return four hours later, witnessing the same layout or logo and tell me that no one is going to pay me to move things  around a screen. That’s pretty much what I did for most of my design career.

One book that inspired you or that you wish you’d read earlier...

This is going to sound super nerdy but it would be ‘Pharmacology for Health Professionals’. I’m absolutely fascinated  by the human body and this textbook is all about drug classes, mechanism of action and how drugs influence  receptors. Maybe if I had read this earlier, I may have pursued medicine. If I could have my time over I‘d love to be  an anesthetist. After 10 years of combined studying (including the Pilates), I am, however, kind of done. I may have a  Diploma of Herbal Medicine in me, just so I can legally prescribe anything I want.

Podcast you can't stop listening to...

There are many but my favourites are FxMedicine, Natural Medicine Podcast, Huberman Lab, The Drive by Peter Attia, DUTCH and Common Ground. 

Who inspires you?

Anyone who is passionate about what they do and has a sense of purpose. I love being inspired by other woman who are assertive in their choices, want to make a difference and have a strong personality. I’m also inspired by  people who offer another perspective. 

Worst moment of your career / biggest adversity you've had to overcome...

In my last two roles in the design industry I have been the creative leader of the agency and worked for men who have owned the agency. They have been disappointing on many levels and hence why I decided to work in another  industry. Life is too short to not love what you do.

Biggest pinch me moment...

Winning design awards from AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) and doing the City to Surf from the back of the pack in 59 mins. 

How have you learned more about yourself as you grow and age and any insights you want to share?  

I wish I could tell my 20 year old self to take it easier on myself. I’m much happier now being older. I know my values  and I’m selective of who I spend my time with. As someone with a previous eating disorder I’ve finally made peace  with food and see it as fuel for my body and a tool for holistic wellness and vitality. I’m also less restrictive and less intense with my training. I have had osteoporosis since my 30s due to restrictive dieting but I’ve been able to keep it stable for 15 years through nutrition and supplementation. I recently did a Vedic Meditation course at Bondi Meditation that I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly rate all aspects of the Blue Zones and the power of social connection.

Sensuality to me is….

Feeling good in my own body by being the healthiest version of myself.

Freedom to me is…

Pursuing your Dharma. I haven’t read ‘The Great Work of your Life‘ by Stephen Cope yet but it’s next on my list. My  husband has just read it and explained the concept to me. It‘s basically finding your passion and going after it. He  said I’m on the path to doing it.