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In a world where societal expectations often shape us, I found my own path to embracing what it means to be Fearlessly Feminine. It wasn't a simple journey, but it was one that transformed me deeply.

I'm Elizabeth, Executive Consultant, Business Strategist, Mentor, Podcast Host, Mother, Age 52

Never dim your light for anyone

Growing up I experienced conditioning that urged me to blend in, to fade into the background. This never felt natural to me as I had a vibrant personality and an innate drive within me. However, everything changed when I received encouragement from a mentor during my time working in retail at a young age. Their guidance led me to pursue a career in retail buying and apply for a position at the company's head office in the buying department. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey in both my professional life and personal growth. Throughout this journey, I was fortunate to connect with incredible mentors. The experiences, knowledge, and achievements I gained along the way accelerated my confidence and courage. Embracing my femininity became essential, especially as one of the few females in my team.

You're number one

Embracing my femininity wasn't an overnight process. To connect with my feminine side, I engage in practices that help me go within and find balance. I retreat, meditate, and prioritise self-connection through activities like walking and yoga. Equally significant is the company of inspiring, strong, and supportive women. Spending time with close friends and family rejuvenates my soul and allows me to fully immerse myself in feminine energy.

Running a business introduced its own complexities. The demands of leadership required a diverse range of energies sometimes requiring a more focused and determined approach that aligns with a masculine energy. This is essential for resilience and meeting the challenges head-on. I've learned over the years that it's alright to step into this energy when necessary. However, I've also discovered the importance of not staying in this mode for extended periods.


Balancing these energies is crucial; prioritising self-care and transitioning back into a nurturing, feminine space allows me to be present for others while being proud of my caring side. It's important to remember that personal growth is an ongoing journey—one that never truly ends. Both in life and in business, the process of evolving remains dynamic and occasionally intimidating. Embracing this ever-changing path is what keeps the experience exciting and fulfilling.

By sharing a snapshot of my story, I hope to inspire others to cultivate a balanced approach, recognising the power in both their fearless and feminine energies. The journey may be a mixture of challenges and achievements, but it's the willingness to embrace all facets that truly makes it worthwhile.