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Being fearlessly feminine means unapologetically owning who you are. For me, that includes being a designer, passionately vegetarian, mum to a bunny, a husky, and nurturing a thriving indoor jungle of 100 plant babies. It's about embracing my love for nature, my care for animals, and my unique personality quirks.

Launching my own business wasn't a decision made lightly; it was a response to a life-altering situation. Like many women I don't shy away from challenges; I confront them head-on. In the face of adversity, I tapped into my creativity and hustled relentlessly. I had a small side gig designing invitations, which provided me with an online presence. Fueled by determination, I frantically networked, hastily built my website, crafted my branding, and posted on social media. It was a chaotic whirlwind of learning and adapting, but it launched me into the world of entrepreneurship.

Carly Stirling, Creative Director & Digital Design, 36

I harness my creativity as a source of strength

I began as a regular fashion designer, and evolved myself into a thriving business focused on branding and website design. I had finally discovered my true calling and obsession, embracing my passions and talents without hesitation into the world of digital. With many years of experience in the fashion industry, from working with major brands to studying fashion design and managing various aspects of business, I finally realised the value of my background, and how I can use it to help others.

Living though the success of others

The most exhilarating aspect of my day is celebrating my clients' successes. I become deeply immersed in my clients' journeys, learning their brands and businesses inside out. Their triumphs become my own, and their achievements fuel my passion for what I do. As women, we should always celebrate the victories of others as a testament to their shared strength.

One of the most significant mindset shifts I've had to embrace as my own boss is staying calm, even in the face of financial and technical challenges. While it's easy to get caught in the cycle of prioritising client work over investing in personal growth, I've learned to trust the journey and go with the flow, both are just as important as each other.


While my journey as a female entrepreneur has been relatively smooth, I acknowledge that many women, including myself, often struggle to understand their worth. I remind myself that expertise isn't confined to formal degrees and education; it's shaped by passion, experience, and the commitment to continual growth.

My mission is about encouraging others to embrace their true self, confront challenges with determination, and celebrate your uniqueness and business success. Trusting the journey, overcome imposter syndrome, and commit to personal and professional growth. Be resilient, creative, and yourself. Turn challenges into opportunity and pursue your dreams with courage, the results will always come.