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Meet Founder & editor of be ageless


Who is Bahar? 

I’m an entrepreneur, mother, immigrant, author, podcaster and feminist. I discovered self belief and resilience as my super powers when I was still a child. I believe that everything is possible with a fresh blowdry and a radiant smile. 

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given...

“Dress how you wish to be perceived, not who you are.”

My career took off very early and I was very young when I was appointed to senior positions. I was appointed General Manager of Gucci Timepieces at 24 and was travelling to Hong Kong to meet Tom Ford and Dominico DeSole in my first week. My then CEO gave me this advice and it became a mantra from that point on. 

One book that inspired you or that you wish you’d read earlier...

100 years in Solitude by Colombian Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. What a lesson in patience, love and the cause and effect of generational trauma.

Podcast you can't stop listening to...

Huberman Lab. The discussion of neuroscience and it’s impact on our behaviour and health is utterly captivating to me. I am going to see Andrew Huberman live when he comes to Sydney this month. 

Who inspires you?

Anyone who is willing to go through the experience of metamorphosis. I wish there was more societal reward for changing your mind and changing your direction. We put staying the same on a pedestal yet evolution and growth requires shedding our old skin.

Worst moment of your career / biggest adversity you've had to overcome...

I nearly bankrupted my first business when I was 35. I had not hedged foreign currency during the Global Financial Crisis. I lost $500,000 in two weeks and had margin calls from the bank. It led to me unwinding my business to repay this debt and losing a further $460,000 during the process. Almost overnight, I had gone from a thriving business to near bankruptcy and $1million in debt. It was devastating and humiliating in equal measure. I chose not to go bankrupt, remortgaged my home and dug myself out of the debt.

Biggest pinch me moment...

Last week I found out that My podcast Ageless by Rescu, which I launched from my living room during the pandemic, is ranked 8 globally in the category of Aesthetics and is in the top 3% of total podcasts on Spotify in only 2.5 years.

How have you learned more about yourself as you grow and age and any insights you want to share?  

I know myself pretty well and have left no stone unturned in my quest for refining, observing and loving who I am at the core. I have journeyed with Ayahuasca and  had years of therapy. I dip in and out of practising Transcendental Meditation too. I try to attend a wellness retreat annually (alone) and I am genuinely committed to personal and spiritual growth. My brain is equal parts fascinated by scientific inquiry and spiritual growth. My father is a scientist and has always been deeply spiritual too. In our family, we learned to meditate in our teens and all about Ayurvedic medicine before we were sent off to university. We also learned to value evidence based data. 

Sensuality to me is….

Making daily pleasure a priority. I try to find ways of lifting the quotidien into something elevated wherever I can. Beautiful bed linens, gorgeous candles, the best bread and butter, silk robes, excellent lingerie and exquisite perfume on the daily. 

Freedom to me is…

Financial independence and the ability to choose my own adventure.



Photo credit - Parlour X