Why V & F

Vixen & Fox is marked by clean, architectural lines and an interplay between old and new. Our bold sophistication is a break from lace and frills and our attention to detail is shown in our custom, branded hardware and thoughtful seams. Our lingerie is ethically made and with a strong passion to not contribute to the growing trend of fast fashion, we do not mass-produce. Most importantly, our lingerie is created with women in mind first!

Aesthetically Conscious Lingerie

We are dedicated to rethinking the status quo in lingerie, both in style and construction. We exist to bring women lingerie that does not conform but rather embraces creative expression and originality. Clean lines, soft fabrics, designs that feel like an extension of you. We've worked for years to perfect the fit of our lingerie so that it is comfortable, wearable, and non confining. Our size range caters for a variety of sizes and we hope to continue to grow this as we grow.

Ethically crafted in Europe

Our lingerie is ethically crafted in Europe to the highest standard by Alena and her team. We are currently in the process of being accredited in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018, which will ensure that the people who make your lingerie are paid the correct wage and that their work environment is healthy and safe. We will continue to promote a work place free of slavery and will make a conscious effort to work with suppliers who do the same.

Designed in Australia

We pride ourselves on bringing you one-of-a-kind designs that cannot be found anywhere else. The lingerie you see here was once a vision, that vision has now been brought to life to share with the women of Australia and the world.

Inspired by History

Originating in the 1920's, Art Deco was one of the first international styles of design. It's known for it's boldness and strength, but also a great harmony and attention to detail that no other art style had yet achieved. Vixen & Fox lingerie balances this ode to Art Deco with modern, sophisticated styles, the old with the new.

The Freedom Hub I Waterloo

EVERY TIME YOU PURCHASE, WE DONATE! Our brand is founded out of a commitment to supporting all women throughout their journey. We are proud to be donating a percentage of sales to The Freedom Hub, supporting those who have experienced domestic violence, human trafficking and modern day slavery IN AUSTRALIA.

The Freedom Hub’s Survivor School provides survivors of these crimes with long-term support, assisting with the recovery from trauma. To learn more about founder Sally Irwin and The Freedom Hub, visit: