Our Story

Vixen & Fox was born out of founder Katie Lang’s innate sense of style and personal need for chic women’s satin and mesh lingerie that did not sacrifice comfort for style. Despite not having a formal background or degree in clothing technology or fashion design, her natural instincts towards what feels good and looks good became her north star in designing and building the Vixen & Fox product line and brand from the ground up. This passion was echoed by many women who, just like Katie, clamoured for beautifully made Australian lingerie that assures the wearer of a comfortably luxurious fit as she meets the challenges of her day, every day.
Every piece in the brand’s capsule collections is thoughtfully designed with silhouettes and style that are unique to the Australian brand. The decision to use high quality, lightweight Italian fabrics over standard lace or bondage fabric was a deliberate one, as the former demonstrates durability while allowing the wearer the freedom to move without restriction. The collections are decidedly classic to ensure that it stands the test of time not just in terms of material but also in aesthetic. While fast fashion will always churn out trendy styles that can see one through a season of wear and tear, Vixen & Fox believes that every woman should have high-quality lingerie that have a place of pride in their wardrobe for many years. Such a decision is also the brand’s response to the growing problem of disposable fashion that threatens the environment and demonstrates very little value for consumer’s money.
Vixen & Fox continues to be conscious about how good lingerie fits into the lives of women everywhere. It has always meant being able to keep up with the different roles played by women on a regular basis – both in their personal and professional lives. Every story of every woman is different, yet celebrated for its uniqueness and uncanny ability to prove to herself – and to others – that she is capable of achieving both incredible things and small triumphs. All of this goes into the thought process of designing each Vixen & Fox piece, along with the genuine desire to show how well women can scale greater heights when she puts her mind to it.