We are so excited to launch our debut #BOLDCOLLECTION. This collection is part of an ongoing conversation that celebrates confident, courageous and empowered women. As part of a feminine-based industry #BOLDINVIXEN&FOX is a community of women who want to make the world a better place for all of us, those who pay it forward.

Here are some of the women who we admire and respect, those who inspire us and embody the ethos of #BOLDINVIXEN&FOX. Inspirational women mean a lot to us at VIXEN & FOX.
A truly inspiring woman Lisa Nichols uses her voice to motivate and inspire millions around the world. In a moment of sheer desperation with only $12 to her name and a single mother, Lisa stood in the bathroom mirror and imagined herself delivering a speech to thousands of people. This was the moment she turned her life around and harnessed the true power of her voice.
Today she is a millionaire entrepreneur, coach, humanitarian, best-selling author and motivational speaker. Would you like to watch some of Lisa's content, click here to visit her website
As one of the most booked motivational speakers around the world Mel Robbins is a woman who inspires. In fact her TED talk is one of the most watched of all time. Her bestselling book ‘The 5-Second Rule’ helps people liberate themselves from overthinking and hesitating to make life changing decisions with confidence. What does she say? “Change your decisions and you’ll change your life. And what will change your decisions more than anything? Courage.”
What's Mel up to now? Click here to visit her website!

“Every little aspect of your life - you’re either creating your empire or destroying it.” - Author, public speaker, business woman, mother, wife and visionary. Elena Cardone shows us that you truly can have it all. Being the architect of her own life, she has built her own empire, creating a life that is far less than average. She helps people to achieve their personal goals and take their life to the next level of success. Check out all the exciting things Elena is up to here
Famously known for her book, Rich Woman, she is an inspiration for women everywhere! Kim spreads the motivational message to get a financial education in order to make dreams a reality. She motivates people to have what it takes to be successful by drawing on a wealth of experience in business, real estate and investing. Would you like to know more about Kim, click here

Each lingerie line we produce seeks to positively influence women to feel empowered enough to harness the best versions of themselves. As an Australian lingerie label built with a trailblazing vision to innovate, we bring a more modern concept to the market to be enjoyed by women globally. Our #BOLDCOLLECTION is thoughtfully composed of elegant, black, sheer lingerie constructions for women inclusive of the demi bra, brief, bralette, g-string and high-waisted brief. You can explore the full collection here.