“Real elegance is everywhere especially in the things that don’t show…” ~ Christian Dior

As the pace of life starts to speed up and the year draws closer and closer to a close, it is apparent that the festive season is just around the corner. There is no denying that women love to shop for lingerie as a personal treat, though commonly it is just that - a SPECIAL treat. That’s why receiving it is even better because most of us are reluctant to treat ourselves THAT much.

In the same breath we also understand that gifting lingerie can be a tricky road to navigate… And that’s precisely why we’ve decided to write this guide for you.

Lingerie doesn’t only have to come from a romantic partner

Traditionally lingerie is a gift that comes from a romantic partner, because it is something that is sexy. But moving into 2020 more and more women gift lingerie to each other. Why should women shy away from this, why not gift lingerie to friends, sisters or mothers? After all it’s a functional yet glamorous gift all wrapped into one. (Tick).

Now down to the particulars, whoever you are gifting lingerie to; romantic or non-romantic, lingerie is still a personal gift and you should know the person enough to pick styles that they already wear. Doing this gives an added layer of thoughtfulness because they will think something like, “Wow that’s exactly the style I like!” Keep it safe. After all you want the recipient to actually wear the gift.

Sizing is not as daunting as you might think

Our lingerie lines do not follow the traditional sizing structure, we have designed our sizing in a way that makes it less complicated to attain the perfect fit. If you are still concerned about bra sizing, because - yes - it is much more complex system than bottoms opt for a bralette as they are more forgiving.

Be style smart

You will also want to find out if they are a brief or a g-string person (this has been a hot topic for us lately checkout out social media pages if you want to delve deeper into this). Alternatively a high-waisted brief is the perfect option for a more thoughtful rather than suggestive item.

If you just don’t know stick to the classic styles such as the BOLD Brief and the BOLD Demi Bra. Classics are classics for a reason, they just work with the majority. In addition to this our BOLD Collection is composed of simple yet sophisticated mesh constructions that are timelessly elegant, thus safely working across a range of different women. We have proudly trialled and tested the collection, so the finer details of each piece are enjoyed by women from all walks of life. A luxury encased underneath so wearers feel unapologetically confident as they move through their day-to-day.

Let’s celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives with the gift of luxury, glamour and confidence. The boost we all need, and because one can never have too much lingerie.

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