“You can have a fresh start anytime you choose.” ~ Freedom Hub

You may have noticed throughout our messaging that Vixen & Fox is founded out of the commitment to supporting all women. Women’s rights is a core value for us serving as an important driver when building our lingerie lines. We have a vision of a world where previously enslaved women are given the proper support they need, so they can lead active and successful lives. For us this means giving back to the Freedom Hub, a cause that means a lot to us.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is defined as; the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labour or sexual exploitation. According to the Australian Government Department of Human Affairs, an estimated 2.5 million people are currently being exploited through human trafficking. Sadly this number continues to rise and so too does the trauma that continues long after the event.

“The suffering of other human beings is our suffering; it should disturb and move us to want to help do our part in assisting change to come.” ~ Dressember

What does the Freedom Hub do?

Not only does the Freedom Hub fight to end global slavery, it runs an incredible survivor school. The survivor school is a place where survivors get one-on-one training, mentoring and on-going support that is sensitive to their needs, so they are able to enter the workforce feeling empowered. They are currently supporting 60 survivors who were trafficked or in a slavery situation.

We have chosen to support the Freedom Hub because we want survivors to live a life that is truly free. What does true freedom actually mean? It doesn’t mean distance from a brothel or pimp, freedom means to feel, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually free to choose what she/he wants.

Every time you purchase we donate

We are proud to donate a percentage of sales to the Freedom Hub who run classes to help survivors. Last year they ran 256 classes and raised more than $892,000 to help survivors! As a brand we would like to thank everyone who has chosen to purchase our lingerie lines thus far and in doing so also choosing to help a cause that is having such a great social impact.

Together we can all make positive social changes, every little bit counts!

As a consumer we each have the power to choose responsibly, making an effort to research and select brands who are socially responsible. Every little bit counts when actively trying to make positive social changes and collectively we can make a big difference! Perhaps it is time to switch to brands in all areas of your life that are actively invested in the betterment of society and social problems.

Discover our collection of lingerie in support of the Freedom Hub here. You can also donate directly to the Freedom Hub here.