Whether you are looking to revamp what you already know with a few subtle changes or you’re ready to take things to the next level with a trendy revolution to your underwear, we have gathered what lingerie trends you need to be following in 2022.

At this time of year the internet is inundated with fashion related articles analysing fashion trends but we know it is just as important to talk about what is going on underneath the clothes as well as on top.

We are here to say that lingerie should NOT be an afterthought. Yes it feels brilliant to own your worth in the outerwear department but it is super satisfying to know that your lingerie is equally as on point.


Comfort is Sexy

Gone are the days when comfort and sexy were at opposite ends of the spectrum, now some brands have figured out that the two can work hand in hand together. It’s about time, right?

Understandably, people are no longer willing to sacrifice comfort for something that just “looks good”. Instead the market seems to be heading towards styles that are flattering, comfortable and made with long-lasting natural fabric. One of the main reasons people experience discomfort is due to wearing the wrong size lingerie. Be sure to check out our size guide to find your perfect fit.

You want a lingerie set that can offer you ultimate comfort and support from the start of the day right until the end. Never eliminate comfort from your mind. No matter what anyone says, comfort is sexy!

Bold Tones

It comes as no surprise to see that lingerie trends for 2022 are once again repping bold, vibrant colours. Summer has always been associated with a colour palette that is brighter and more bolder than any other season and 2022 is definitely not the time for that to change.

This year is set to see people experiment with unique tones and alternative colours such as greens and yellows as the appetite for brighter coloured lingerie sees a rapid growth. It is very apparent that bright green lingerie is in demand, leaving the more apparent feminine tones of pink and berry in the shadow. On the other hand, the traditional black lingerie set isn’t going anywhere. It’s a holey grail, wearable all year round and a must-have in your lingerie closet!

People are ready to be experimental with their wardrobe. Not just with their outerwear but also with their underwear and we are SO ready for it!

Back To Retro

Lingerie trends are showing twists on the timeless underwear we have all grown used to. This means we should start to see bras that fit into the classic shape and style but with some new little differences to their design, including interesting fabrics, alternative colours and varying details.

The year will see a rise in high waisted briefs and thongs as the demand for these shapes increases like never before.

Briefs aren’t an afterthought anymore. People are returning to 80s-cut high-leg thongs and 1950s-style silhouettes and are deciding to opt for a much loved classic that is in need of a regeneration. 

Will you be joining the retro comeback?

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