Lingerie Care 101: TLC Tips for Longer-Lasting Undergarments

Alexander Sid

Posted on October 24 2018

Lingerie Care 101: TLC Tips for Longer-Lasting Undergarments

Caring for your clothes might seem easy once you get the hang of it, but it’s a whole different matter where lingerie is involved – especially if it’s really good, classic yet edgy lingerie that you’d want to last for many years. Here are some great tips that will ensure your investment pieces will look good and last you for a much longer time than you’d expect!


🖤 Always hand wash your intimates. While elegant, well-made lingerie is fashioned out of high quality and durable fabric, it doesn’t mean you should let them tumble around in the washing machine along with your skinny jeans and exercise tops. Hand washing is still the best way to care for bras and panties, along with mild detergent and fabric conditioner. This way, you are more able to gently loosen dirt and grime off the nooks and crannies with putting undue stress on the fabric.

🖤 Dry your bras in a shady, cool place. Although durable, the sun can damage the beautifully delicate fabrics used to make lingerie.

🖤 Invest in a bra bag or holder. Bras work best when they are able to maintain their shape even when unworn, and the best way to ensure this is to store your bras in a bra bag or holder. These things are especially molded in such a way that the shape of your bra cups is maintained and never crushed or scrunched up from the outside in. Fortunately, there are many of these out in the market for you to choose from.

🖤 Establish a good rotation for all your undergarments. Bras need a break every now and then, which is why it is always a good practice to have a scheduled rotation for all your stylish bras so they all get an even amount of wear. While you may have two or three pieces that you favour more over the others, this set up will ensure that your favourites will last longer and will not need to be replenished soon.

🖤 Have ample, dedicated space for your undergarments. There’s nothing sadder than a drawer full of scrunched up bras and panties. Those poor things don’t have any air to breathe and will look more rumpled over time. This means they’re less able to perform the task of supporting you. Thus, having ample space to store your bras is also another way to make them last longer and allow them to hold their shape and fit. Ideally, you should have enough space to see all of your pieces at once. If this isn’t possible, then look for bra holders or bags that allow you to stack or store them in such a way that they are still able to hold their shape.

Remember: a good set of undergarments or lingerie can give you a better experience than one that’s seen better days. Beautiful underwear can give you a powerful and confident feeling – like you can take on any task that the day throws at you. Caring for your lingerie with these tips will guarantee that they will continue to give you a better fit and feel for many years to come!

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