Gone are the days when we would conceal our delicates under oversized t-shirts and dresses, now it has become a fashion trend to style our lingerie as outwear! Don't worry, I'm not about to tell you to strut down the street in just your underwear, the key to perfecting this look is layering.

As well as this, it is also important to have fun with what you are wearing and step outside of your usual comfort zone. Have fun with your lingerie, be BOLD and feel confident in the way you look. 

The BOLD collection was made to be seen. Here are just a few ways to style the collection as outerwear this season.

The Bralette With High Waisted Jeans

There is so much potential with the BOLD Bralette!

Experimenting by pairing a bralette with some high-waisted jeans (full length or shorts!) is a great place to start. The casual combo is ideal for the warmer months or an on-the-go look but it will always leave you looking and feeling stylish.

If you want to take the look from day to night, then throw on a blazer with a pair of gorgeous high heels and an eye-catching statement necklace and you’re ready to go!

Throw On A Overshirt

You can’t go wrong with an overshirt.

If you want a little cover-up but don’t want to have the heaviness of a jacket, then the next best thing is a light overshirt. 

This can be paired with the BOLD Bralette or the BOLD Longline Demi Bra depending on your desired look, both are available to shop below.

Stockings With Leather

The ultimate chic look is a midi black leather skirt worn with stockings and boots. This ensemble is the perfect choice for a chic autumn-winter look as it will keep you warm from day till night without sacrificing any style.

Our DECO Gold Lurex Seam Stockings are designed to give equal transparency along the leg and provide a sleek, super elegant feel.

The BOLD collection has been inspired by the Art Deco era. The construction and design of the pieces in this collection focuses on symmetry and boldness, the result is thoughtful, elegant designs that can be worn not only on special occasions but every day. View the full collection by clicking the button below!


I can’t wait to see how you style yours!

Love, Kay - Vixen & Fox Founder & Creative Director

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