Vixen & Fox I Bold Collection Campaign Shoot


It was really important for me that our beautiful model, Charlie Robertson, had a voice on shoot day. Although Charlies' instagram bio states she is a 'full time coat hanger' we knew she was much more than a pretty face.


When I was looking for a model for the shoot, I was looking for someone that was comfortable in their own skin, someone that encapsulated Vixen & Fox's brand message - Be Unapologetic. Be Fearless. Be You. After receiving Charlie's casting video, I straight away booked a ticket for her to fly from Sydney and join the team in Brisbane for shoot day - we'd found our woman!


I knew that I didn't just want a pretty coat hanger, I wanted to hear from Charlie. Our videographer asked Charlie a series of questions about her modelling career and how she lives an unapologetic and fearless life. Charlie didn't hold back, she explained the struggles of being in the modelling world and the impact it had on how she felt about her body. Charlie went on to tell how she has overcome a lot and encourages other women to not worry about what the outside world are saying but rather love yourself.


These words from Charlie go to show that you can be a size 8 and still have trouble loving yourself.

Vixen & Fox doesn't only exist to produce and sell beautiful lingerie. It exists to build women up, it exists to help women connect with their inner knowing more and it exists to help stop this toxic cycle of self criticism and lack of self love. This is always at the front of our mind when we are producing lingerie and producing content. 


As a women myself, I have been through these toxic cycles. I have struggled with loving myself many times and struggled with putting myself first. We ALL go through this! My hope, through Vixen & Fox, is to help women realise that loving and respecting yourself is the best place to start when stepping into your most authentic self. Once you realise that, what happens in your outer world will have little to no effect on your inner world. 



I look forward to having you on this journey with me as I build a community of women who support each other.


Love, Kay
Vixen & Fox Founder & Creative Director

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